First Dinner in Tokyo

Everyone was tired - travel is hard on you.

We were all in a slightly weird mood and wandering around the area at 9 PM didn't seem like fun but we did wander a little. We came across the Sapporo Beer station and decide it would be fun and funny to see the Japanese take on a Beir Garten.

It was fun! Since we were there in October - guess what?!?!? They were doing October Fest!!

We picked some things from the menu - of course our server didn't speak English but they did have a menu we could read. Yeah!! I felt like a blind person asking for a braille menu. The food was odd but good - German with a Japanese twist.

I ordered potatoes with Chicken:

And The Boy got Schnitzel, although he said it wasn't really schnitzel, but really yummy with the sauces and Japanese kraut.

Becks paid the check and we headed back to the hotel to sleep REALLY hard and be up for the first training session in the morning.

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