So Friday was more training at the office and then we spent some time in Shibuya afterwards. Dave and Lindsey hung with us for a little bit but broke off to go eat by themselves.

We got rained on, the only part that wasn't a blast!

Husband's back and a rainy Shibuya:

For some reason - I have tons of photos of the back of his head - mostly I think because he kept walking whenever I stopped to take a photo.

Tokyu Hands is the BEST STORE EVER!! They literally have everything from bikes, to craft supplies, to wood, fabric, toy models, suitcases and a couple of restaurants. It's 8 stories and packed with people, but we visited several times and bought lots of stuff. I wish they had one in LA. Husband and I were drooling over all the hardware and craft supplies . I would kill for this store in LA. Sorry for the blurry shot, but I was so excited to be at Tokyo Hands and all the cool stuff they had, I didn't want to stop.

We went to the Cospa shop right across the way and spent a wad of cash on t-Shirts and sundry anime goodies.

Below is a shot of Mandarake:
They have a really neat entry way but the store is in the basement. They are basically the half price books of comics in Japan. You can buy and sell old anime books and toys. They are really neat.

Dinner on Friday night was a place that did tempanyaki - you make it your self at the table. They had all sorts of make it yourself dishes, Japanese style omelets to just meat brought to you at your table.
Husband - looking very displeased that I wanted to take his picture:

The place was kinda grungy but it was so much fun. It was cheap and they had an English menu - can't argue. I gotta say, even the scrungiest places we ate never upset my belly and the food was always pristine when it was brought to the table.

We had chicken, prawns with vegetables and the boy got potato, cheese and bacon as well.

I bought several hats that friday night. They came in handy as I was tired of my hair being wet from all the rain. I may show you the hats later in a catalog of our purchases.

Next up...Free for All Saturday....

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